Barely Essential Web Design

This project is a lot of fun, and entails a few of my favorite creative abilities. I designed this website to be easy to navigate, and easy to update as well.

Barely Essential is a podcast show, and the website needed to be simple, and to the point. This show is hosted by myself, and a friend of mine, Brandon. I host, at home, as the recording engineer and edited the shows myself using multi channel recording equipment and some of the best software available.

Since Brandon isn’t as familiar with web design and html as I am, I needed to be able to find a simple option for him to be able to update posts, and create his own content. I did this using WordPress and combining it with SoundCloud where the podcast’s audio is hosted.

The site features the newest podcast on top, and also in the sidebar in case someone drops in on a different page. The instagram app on the side automatically updates with any photos taken by myself, or Brandon. And the option to blog is available, which will only appear on the sidebar, as blogs are not as frequent or as important as the podcast itself. This makes the site almost 100% automated. The user simply selects the category, whether it’s podcast or blog, and it’s assigned to the correct part of the website. Simplicity is key with when working on a project like this.

You can visit the site at

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